Media in Maldives

Television Maldives

The national television channel, TVM, broadcasts nationally, covering news, current affairs and variety of entertainment programs. The second channel, TVM Plus, which Television Maldives started providing in 1994, is a special entertainment channel and is receivable through registered decoders. TVM transmit 18 hours and TVM Plus transmits for 10 hours every day.

Voice of Maldives (VOM)

AM – The Voice of Maldives, which is the National channel, started broadcasting on AM band at 1458 KHz, Medium wave on December 29, 1981 with a TBC, 05 Kilowatt transmitter from Australia? Now we have replaced the AM services with a state of the art technology transmitter by Harris, USA in July 1995. This development has increased our clear coverage to about 85% of the whole country; however the remaining 15% is covered will be covered via a Satellite downlink connected to low Power FM transmitters and re-broadcasting to the nearby Islands at selected locations nation wide. In this regard, we have already installed stereo FM transmitter at the southern most tips of Maldives, in Addu Atoll and Foahmulah. Now these transmitters are in service. Next in line is Haa dhaalu Kulhudufushi, for this project, we have already assembled the required FM transmitter and is now ready for Installation.

FM – On 21 May 1985, Voice of Maldives started its FM broadcasting services in the capital Male, and nearby Islands using a 10 watt low powered mono FM Transmitter with the frequency 104 MHz given as a grant Aid by the UNESCO. The Voice of Maldives added a Power booster to increase the power to 100 Watt, which allowed more coverage area. In same period, Maldives was also becoming famous as a tourist destination, the radio felt the importance of tourism to the economic development of Maldives and began to play a major role in entertaining and providing useful information for foreigners and started expanding its English services which includes current affairs and more music. Currently we have an OMB, 1KW FM Stereo transmitter from Spain running the 89 MHz VOM FM service in Male and nearby islands.

Daily Newspapers

Haveeru Daily Online  –
Haveeru Daily is the longest serving daily newspaper in Maldives, which marked its 20th anniversary on 1 January 1999. Established on 1 January 1979, Haveeru has excelled with over two decades of journalistic experience.

Sun –

Aafathis News –

Miadhu News –