Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed Resigns

For the first time ever, a president of the Maldives resigns before completing even one term of rule.

President Mohamed Nasheed came into power following the victory of the then opposition coalition during the 2008 election. President Nasheed stepped into the role as one of the most popular presidential candidates in the history of this small nation – as many Maldivians felt a change would be refreshing after the previous 30 years.

Within the first trimester of his presidency, Mohamed Nasheed was seen to break the ties with the other political parties that helped him win the 2008 presidential elections  albeit by a narrow margin. Although some were disheartened by his rule and especially privatization policies, many were still President Nasheed’s adamant followers and he did gain a lot of positive attention from the international media as well.

It was following the military arrest of the chief judge of the Criminal Court on January 16, 2012 that politics in the Maldives escalated into a complete impasse. The on-going demonstrations since culminated in the police taking sides with the public and confronting the military in the early hours of February 07, 2012. A few hours later many from the military joined the police and soon thereafter the officials loyal to the ruling government resigned.

At about 1:00pm local time President Mohamed Nasheed resigned.

2 thoughts on “Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed Resigns”

  1. arshadh rasheedh

    as a maldivan student, i dont like whats happening. just 0.3% minority extremists of the population brought down the government. i dont see any democracy in it 🙁

  2. Mohamed Rageeb

    Maumoon has been actively operating in Malaysia to topple the democratically elected government of Maldives from the day he was thrown out of the government. The torture machine and corrupt followers of him blended in to Nasheed government and have been actively disrupting the democratically elected government to make reforms in the government. Such as free health care, dental and optical were provided to all people. Monthly Pensions were given to the old and frail. Water and electricity subsidies are provided to every family in the country. People of Maldives do not know there government must give these kinds of services before. Nasheed’s mode of transport to presidential office is by bicycle or foot. Maumoon lives in a million dollar palace and mode of transport was BMW and Mercedes Benz and road closure were imposed every roads he have to travel.

    The democratically elected president Mohamed Nasheed is toppled by hefty bribes to junior police officers and low-level military officers. This is confirmed because; the police officer giving the interview is the leader of the mutiny. Acting Commissioner Abdulla Fairooz is a one of notorious torturer of Maumoon Abdul Gayooms. The torture area is located in the basement of the police headquarters in capital Male’. He is believed to arbitrarily arrest people for minor offences like passing red light and torture them for weeks striping them in naked, sexually abusing them and keeping them wet in solitary confinement, Abu Ghraib style. Then send them to notorious prison in Maafushi Island for more.

    Arresting of the judge is by these above mentioned rouge officers, to show legitimacy to their course in overthrowing the democratically elected government. Similar coup d’état strategy was used against democratically elected president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez in 2002, but the instigators failed too. These officers were actively operating in Maumoon Abdul Gayoon’s 30-year dictatorship rule in Maldives. Already the tactics used to oppress the Maldivian people used in Gayoom’s dictatorship is getting implemented beating and killing anyone going against them.

    These officers are also scared, that the people of Maldives will get back there country so they will be lawfully arrested and judged for the coup they brought against a democratically elected government. These rough officers are fighting for their own interest not for the interest of the people of Maldives. They also believe they have been given power by higher authority from Allah to fight against an anti-Islamic government of Maldives. The so-called Munity soldiers were shouting Allah Akbar when they came out to streets. Please see the video in the link to see for you own eyes.

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